We achieve excellence through technology.

Smart Thinking

We have dedicated ourselves to identifying real world problems and solving them through technical expertise. From data analysis to solutioning, the CWJ teams have a proven track record.


We create thoughtfully constructed, performance-focused systems which are responsive to changing conditions.


Our strategies are founded on in-depth research, custom technology and careful risk assessment.

Our trading, quant, and technology teams partner together to design, build, and improve trading software and algorithms.

Our team creates, implements, and develops market-leading technology to support our trading and advanced testing framework as well as our production ecosystem to constantly generate, refine, and conduct trading alpha.


We are actively building new technology within the DeFi and cryptocurrency mining sector with a strong focus on a leading Decentralised Exchange.

Venture Capital

As part of our diversification strategy we are actively seeking out the most promising and unique companies to invest in.

Real Estate

We ensure stable returns by making strategic investments across the commercial and residential property sector.

Data and evidence are at the core of our strategy. We take an uncompromising commitment to scientific rigour and precisely evaluate each of our theories.

By designing predictive models, leveraging pricing inefficiencies, and taking measured chances we trade with a quantifiable advantage. Our trades are backed up by well-written and dependable algorithms that can perform at a high frequency while retaining low latency.